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Private lesson

à la carte

Private lessons are offered in the 9 languages we teach at ALFMED for learners starting from 7 years old!
An effective solution to learn at your own pace, according to your specific needs, according to your availability… and above all by using appropriate pedagogy.

Our 9 languages

English – French – Spanish – Italian – German – Dutch – Chinese – Chinese – Catalan – Russian

With our SMART Family Card: benefit from -10% on private lessons of English, Spanish, German, Russian


  • ALFMED offers private lessons for everyone: foreign students already integrated into an academic or intensive program, students (from 7 years old) or adults (employees, job seekers, managers, self-employed…)
  • These courses are available by Zoom: #SmartLearning for learners starting from 10 years old and we guarantee quality pedagogical ergonomics
  • Alone* with a teacher face to face, the learner progresses optimally thanks to tailor-made teaching that takes into account their specific needs
  • A level MCQ test is sent to you, along with a questionnaire to define your objectives. The training plan is tailor-made between the learner and the teacher before the start of the course sessions
  • Decreasing prices are offered from 4 hours of lessons. Our packages are flexible depending on your needs
  • Registration for our private lessons gives you access to our E-learning platform: Secure access for 3 months + Positioning test + briefing + follow-up with the trainer from the package of 10 hours of private lessons
  • You can benefit from a tax credit according to article 199 sexdecies of the CGI: a valid certificate will be issued to you by ALFMED

*For the same family (applicable to individuals) these hours can be used for 2 people together of the same level


This system is intended for all audiences: students, employees, business leaders, self-employed entrepreneurs or job seekers who wish to plan lessons in a more flexible way.
Can you hardly leave your workplace? Do you often travel? Do you have very variable availability periods? We recommend the courses in Visio!
Why did ALFMED start video training?
Aware of the lack of time of our learners as part of our continuing education, we were looking for a way to overcome it. Thanks to this concept, we can now provide private lessons at a distance, while guaranteeing quality and effective educational monitoring!

What our video training courses guarantee you:

  • Flexibility: the schedule is set according to your availability and that of your teacher
  • Optimization of your schedule: no travel required

The conditions to be able to follow this training:
1. Have a PC or Mac computer
2. Have a “broadband” internet connection to ensure the visual and audio quality of the private lesson
3. Have the prerequisite level of the target language (level A2 – false beginner)
4. Have access to the Skype platform

The private courses in Visio training are financeable within the framework of the training plan and the CPF and can be done at the national level.

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