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The ProMove II project aims to significantly increase the number of long-term learning stays abroad in the context of vocational training and to attract relevant actors – vocational schools, chambers, training institutions, companies, decision makers local and national, but above all the trainees themselves.

The ProMove II project is based on the results of a previous project with the same name and aims to develop a tutorial (video and print) as well as a documentary and an image film so that those involved in education and professionals mentioned above in the participating countries are informed of the possibilities offered by Erasmus+ thanks to the Erasmus Pro campaign. Another output of the project is a long-term analysis and evaluation of the longer-term mobility results already carried out by the project partners after 3, 7 and 10 years and the development of a structured documentation and evaluation longer-term mobility that starts now.

The objective of the project is not the material to be developed (video, documentation, website) itself, but the impact it can have on the public.