Ce que les étudiants ont dit de Perpignan

>We’re back home now and I just wanted to drop you this message to say thank you, first of all to you for your preparing our trip so well. And of course to everyone else at Alfmed: Nathalie, who was a great teacher, Nicolas, the ever-competent organisation wizard (the trip to Byrrh was great!) and Florence for taking us to the airport.
All three of us had a great time. I’ll definitely recommend Alfmed to my colleagues.

Alexander & Sandra – BELGIUM- 2008

Je suis arrivé le Samedi 2 Août 2008 en utilisant le service Frogbus depuis Gérone. J’ai trouvé le service très bon. Le bus est arrivé en avance et le chauffeur a été très gentil avec moi et il m’aidé avec les bagages et il m’a aussi donné des informations sur la ville de Perpignan. Ce service est très utile pour moi car je suis venu en stage intensif de Français à ALFMED pendant un mois. La ville est très typique, les gens sont sympas !
Davide.P Calghari / Sardinia – Août 2008.

Thanks for a really good course & stay. I can still remember it all! (which is pretty good for me as I normally have a memory half-life of about 5 days!). The accommodation was great too – nice quiet area, close to everything with lots of shops , don’t need a car (or even a bicycle) to get about. Even after such a short time studying French, I felt a lot more comfortable getting about in the area – it was great being able to understand and speak enough to get by, and also read a little of the subtitles at Cine Rive Gauche !
The sweets didnt last long – about an hour or so after arriving back here – fantastic stuff! We are thinking how to make some of that Almond based sweet – ground almonds, sesame oil & honey might do it – please let me know if you have any ideas.
Best regards to you all & hope to study more with you soon, thanks again for an excellent course.
A Bientot
p.s. next time I will reply in French !” Paul H., England.

> “Dear ALFMED,
Thank you for running your competition in ‘Connexion’. I was delighted to
have won. I hope it will create the attention you so richly deserve!
Many thanks to all of you for making my stay at ALFMED so beneficial and
enjoyable! The week passed far too quickly exposing my need for more.
My particular thanks to my tutors Agate and Florence for their dedicated
attention to my specific needs.
My sincere thanks and Good Luck for your future.” Patt B., France.

> “Hi All!!!
Hope things are going well down there in Perpignon, my French is still
coming on as they say but needs to improve faster. However at the moment we are dealing with a great deal of ex pats so that is a bit of pressure off
although I am practising as much as possible. Honest!!!?
I noticed that a client of yours commented well on your behalf in the
connexion Ex Pat newspaper I hope that it made some positive moves for you.
Who knows I may be down again for more lessons if I do not manage to get to
the level I would like!!! So …… Probably see you next year! Dont worry
I would’nt be that cruel again.
The property business is a bit slow but getting there and we have another
venture up our sleeves as well which you may see advertised next month in
the connexion, all stops out. Hope everyone enjoyed their course and sorry I
could’ny say bye to Catherine, hope she found a home for her dog!
If I find some recruits I will always pass them on to you. Have a great
Christmas all and maybe speak with you soon.
Best Wishes.” Andrew G., France.

> “I have had a short but very interesting stay in Perpignan. I have learned a lot about France and people in general.” Tom H., Ireland.

Experiencing Perpignan is experiencing Catalan culture at its best. The people are very proud of their Catalan roots and warmly accept visitors to their way of life. The unique blend of Spanish and French culture makes eating and drinking (wine of course!) quite an adventure. Additionally, there are countless excellent examples of Roman and Gothic architecture throughout the region. With a focus on French immersion, ALFMED provides the necessary tools to truly understand the way of life here in Southern France.” Shannon F. USA.

> “I am so glad that i made the decision to come to Perpignan … my roomates made it even more enjoyable. I had the best time of my life and i learned a lot ! not only french !!” Julia N., Germany.

> “Après avoir passé 2 mois dans votre belle région, je me suis bien amusée et je garderai de bons souvenirs. Mes amis fous catalans, Collioure, les soirées de Perpignan et mes devoirs de français ! » Annika O., Sweden.

> « Pendant trois mois, j’ai fait la connaissance d’une ville au sud de la France : Perpignan. J’ai appris beaucoup de l’esprit à la française : manière d’être, de réflechir et de faire. Les français ont beaucoup de charme, je suis amoureuse de cela… » Annika M., Denmark.

> « Je veux remercier Perpignan pour le soleil et la chaleur , la France pour être un des plus jolis et intéressants pays du monde. Je reviendrai ! A bientôt France, Perpignan, et la bonne cuisine ! » Louise K. Sweden.

> «Nous adorons la France et les français !! » Petra & Simon E., Sweden.

> « J’aime ce pays avec les baguettes et le vin, Serge Gainsbourg et Edith Piaf, les pique-niques sur la plage à boire du vin … Je n’oublierai jamais !! » Anna. P., United Kingdom.

> «I have climbed the mountains, bathed in the sea, barbeccued marchmallows at the beach, i have eaten thousands of baguettes and learned to love french … cheese. Such a great time in this piece of eden ..” Helena. P., Sweden.

> “I have made a lot of new friends here. Learn and share french. Be relax and just enjoy the moment in the south of France…” Philipp. F., Deutschland.

> “Je venais pour apprendre le français mais j’ai reçu mille fois plus. J’ai rencontré des gens super sympathiques d’une vingtaine de nationalités différentes. En eux, j’ai trouvé des amis pour toujours » Linda L., Colombia.

> « I would have never dared to guess i would have such wonderfull family, make such daring friends , learn french and still want to come back. Nothing can take away all i learned from France.” Heather S., USA.

> “Ici j’ai appris non seulement le français mais aussi la vie, la nourriture, le cinéma, la mode … Merci ! » Jiyoung H., South korea.

> « Ma vie ici a été super. J’ai rencontré beaucoup de monde, l’amour et l’amitié. On a fait beaucoup de fêtes, on a parlé et chanté le français, on a bu du vin et mangé des rousquilles !!Merci » Jacqueline B., USA.

> « J’ai aimé cette ville, les gens que j’ai rencontré et ce que j’ai appris. Merci pour cette vie et les beaux souvenirs !! » Angelica M., Mexico.

> « Perpignan et la maison ici va me manquer beaucoup. Mon expérience ici était fantastique, vraiment ! J’ai appris le français , j’ai passé beaucoup de temps avec mes amis … Vous allez me manquer… » Sarah W., USA.

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